понеделник, 2 юни 2008 г.

NWE theatre

Situated in the southern part of the Netherlands, Maurice Mentjens designed the ground floor of the NWE theatre in Tilburg.

The historical building in which the theatre is situated inspired Maurice to choose the concept of modern baroque, where each space has its own colour.

The theatre café is divided into two sections, one black and one white, connected to each other by big openings. To create another correlation, the striking bar and the bottle racks are, except from their colour, the same in both areas.

Separated from the white section by huge panel doors is the red salon, which houses the restaurant. According to Mentjens, the colour red ensures warmth and appetite. Placed in the centre of the restaurant is a golden ball that gives the space a warm glow, just like the sun.

On the other side of the white salon is the greenhouse with two walls of glass and concrete flooring. The other walls are furnished with soundreducing panels with a digital motif of plants and flowers.

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