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The Alessi kitchen

The Alessi kitchen
After having placed many objects on an endless quantity of tops, shelves, drawers and wall units of kitchens and furniture designed by others, the time has come for Alessi to design the furniture, the entire space definition, the global system of surfaces and storage units capable of creating an all-Alessi kitchen. Starting from the concepts conceived in the kitchens of modern modular functionalism, that are accepted as the fundamentals of the features of the modern kitchen, and also considering the ‘50s and the modular kitchen crisis, in this context the innovative planning experience and the technological precision of Valcucine have been held in great esteem. Everything has been meticulously studied: the measurements, the materials, the special features, the details and the combinations


2008 Corian exhibition by DuPont - "Corian loves Missoni" in Milan

An absolute essential in the 2008 Milan week of design: “Corian loves Missoni”. Corian, by DuPont, offers the kind of versatility that lends itself perfectly to enhancing the unique Missoni sense of style. The solid surfaces of Corian are used to create a vision that ranges from the most delicate, elegant cut-out patterns to the boldest, most beautiful of stripes, to items of absolute simplicity in the purest of whites. Together, Corian and Missoni present collections running with breathless exuberance through kitchen, bath, living and dining areas... Corian’s special qualities lend it to applications that only imagination limits: the hardwearing, bright and flexible material expresses an ethos of modern living that is perfectly partnered with Missoni. Simple, rational designs for living show off the stunning colour combinations and distinctive flair of Missoni - now so perfectly captured in Corian!

Images are courtesy of DuPont.

Hanger chandelier - Hang me lightly !

Neuland Industriedesign

MELODY bookcase
+ Neuland Industriedesign for MDF Italia

CELEBRITY LAMP made from aviator sunglasses

Who couldn’t use more shiny, sparkling, pointless things? This Celebrity Lamp may lack subtlety, but it makes up for it with countless opportunities to check yourself out. I imagine it would also do a fine job of scaring away birds, or signaling for help in an emergency. The shade is made of brand-new silver mirrored sunglasses, creating a glittering paparazzi effect that’s sure to forever immortalize your living room, bath, or any other place where a disco ball just won’t do.

When we laid eye upon this lamp at this year’s ICFF we were blinded, and then stunned, and then perturbed. All points of style aside, we were surprised to hear that the designer originally constructed the lamp out of upcycled old sunglasses. Sadly this admirable endeavor caved under the pressures of mass production and the lamp is now composed of entirely new materials, recasting it as a monument to consumer excess. It’s not the first time an icon has backslid into the pitfalls of celebrity!

Deeply Madly Living describes the lamp: “Inspired by the stars who rarely shun their shades in public, the Celebrity lamp has found a new use for aviator glasses, eyes and light switching their usual sides”. Unfortunately the lamps no longer take advantage of the “old use” for aviators; each lamp consumes 40 new pairs of sunglasses that will never see the light of day.

huggy armchair

Brit Leissler / Lagostudio, 2008

patented product.

A mattress wrapped like the wafer of an ice-cream cone inserted inside a small cylindrical wooden base. This is the inviting and practical Huggy armchair. The hold of the base ring grips the lower part of the mattress, holding it together and creating a wrap-around seat with soft arms. By unscrewing the base, the mattress is automatically unrolled and when required becomes a comfortable emergency bed for guests; when the base is turned upside-down it becomes a useful night table...


Huggy armchair

77 x 60 x 60 cm


190 x 120 cm

Base-nigh table

diameter 60cm height 40 thickness 12 cm

elephant table


Light Plumbing and Furcooler

Light Plumbing is a series of masculine candleholders. With Light Plumbing, Claus Bjerre has taken what is normally a very feminine object and turned it masculine. The candleholders are made in galvanised iron pipe and fittings commonly used in plumbing. The candleholders, which are a mix of craft and industrial design, have a powerful expression and reflect both masculinity and humour.

Claus Bjerre
b. 1972, Danish Furniture Designer

Bjerre studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and at Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen where he graduated in 2000. He specializes in interior- and furniture design and in recent years he has been working with experimental design. Using furniture as his turning point Bjerre tests the limits of design, searching for design-methods and attempting to reach the core of design-related issues. Bjerre often works with others including Danish design group Culture Corporation with Ditte Hammerstrøm and Jeremy Walton. Their joint work has particular focus on testing the borders between craft and mass-produced industrial design. They have displayed their design-experiments at a long series of trade fairs and exhibitions. Claus Bjerre has curated the international art- and design exhibition “Hjemme Bedst” – no place like home – at the Factory of Art and Design besides being on the editorial staff of The Danish Arts and Crafts Association’s magazine Kunstuff.

hangin lamp

315 standard ping pong balls!

Washbasin Shaped as a Fossil - Ammonite

If you want something really unique in your bathroom then you should take a look at the Ammonite washbasin from HighTech that is shaped as a fossil. This unique design showcases the organic qualities of concrete. The washbasin can be produced in widths between 90 cm and 330 cm with a standard depth of 56 cm, and is available in several colors. It can be installed either with a table-mounted or wall-mounted tap. Now the design might be unique and cool, but if you would like to wash something it will be quite hard, and the cleaning part will also be a challenge.

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The Nomad System: Stylish Privacy

Are you one of the many couples who didn't quite make it into that two-bedroom apartment before baby arrived? Still looking for a bit of privacy without losing light, paying for minor construction or putting up a shoji screen? You might just be interested in the Nomad System. No need for tools or hardware here - just construct your partition using these recycled, double-wall cardboard panels. While it's not sound proof, at $56 for 24 modules, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a temporary wall. Just think! When you finally do make your way to that dee-luxe apartment in the sky, you won't have to spackle the old one!


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The itbed is made from 7 mm thick cardboard that is folded like an accordion. In one step the itbed can be collapsed into an easily portable bundle making the cardboard bed an ideal solution for guest beds or frequent movers. The zigzag profile of the itbed, reminiscent of a house of cards, is stabilized from head to foot by two lengths of webbing.
The itbed is available in two models. itbed futon is made for futons or thinner roll-up mattresses and comes with an extra horizontal support that is also collapsible. This particular model is especially useful as a guest bed.

120 x 200 cm 330.-euro
140 x 200 cm 360.-euro
160 x 200 cm 390.-euro

Volkswagen Trucks

Chubby by Marcel Wanders

Chubby – armchair
Design: Marcel Wanders, 2007
Material: Polyethylene (PE)
Color: green, black, white, red, orange
Size: 130 X 120 h x 56 cm
Photography: Marcel Wanders studio
Produced and distributed by Slide
Fore sales information contact Slide

Chubby Low, a pouf reminiscent of a large, smoothed stone with a functional versatility depending on the momentary wishes of the person who chooses this article.
The armchair, similar in form to Wanders’ Crochet chair, is made from polyethylene and is available in green, black, white, red or orange.

Marcel Wanders for SLIDE

Bachus, a container which can hold up to 40 bottles, an object with an extremely clean and formal line; stackable and practical, destined for lovers of wine, and not only.

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'the robinwood deluxe collection' by philippe starck

left, 'lil' john chair' right, 'marian chair'

news just in philippe starck has released a new range of furniture. 'the robinwood deluxe collection' includes
chairs, beds, stools and recliners. the collection is primarily made from wood and pieces can be used both
indoors and outdoors. the style uses a twist on traditional wooden furniture.

left, 'prince john rocker' chair, right, 'prince john side chair'

left, 'robin chair', right, 'tuck arm chair'


Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France
Executive Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Copywriter: Pierre-Louis Messager
Art Director: Ingrid Varetz
Photographer: Vincent Fournier
Art Buyer: Barbara Chevalier
Account Supervisor: Fran?ois Michel/Nelly Manoukian

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the birds, bats and bees


Set of three bee hives, 2008
Phillips catalogues. Not suitable for outdoor usage. Diameter: (i) 26 cm. (10 1/4 in). (ii) 19 cm. (7 1/2 in). (iii) 17 cm. ( 3/4 in).


Bird house, 2008
Wooden cable and paper. 40 x 30 x 20 cm. (15 3/4 x 11 7/8 x 7 7/8 in).


Bird house, 2008
Phillips catalogues. Not suitable for outdoor usage. Diameter: 16cm (6 1/4 in). 14cm. (5 1/2 in). 10cm. (3 7/8 in).



Belenko interior lamp


Idea: Denis Belenko
Model: Dmitriy Nkolaenko