неделя, 29 март 2009 г.

Icon Lamp by V12 Design for I TRE

From Valerio Cometti:

Icon owes its strong personality to its distinctive shape and to the juxtaposition of opaque and transparent materials. Icon is a large decorative lamp and I’m particularly pleased with the way the light projected by its own light source interacts with it: the vast opalescent disc on the bottom side of the lamp enhances the quality of the light emission and the glass ribbon creates an elegant ring of light that brings together the heart of Icon with the external environment. It is a precious light manufactured with a great deal of accuracy, beautifully finished with its liquid painted spun metal parts, seamlessly joined with pressed glass and plexiglass details.

понеделник, 23 март 2009 г.

Lepidoptera Chair by Simone LeAmon

Australian designer Simone LeAmon has won the 2009 Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award for the Lepidoptera Chair. The award focuses on contemporary design in the Australian state of Victoria, and is organized by the National Gallery of Victoria. This year, the award was dedicated to contemporary seat furniture design.

Cementum Collection by Viteo and Concreto

Viteo, an Austrian designer/producer of outdoor furniture, has collaborated with the manufacturer Concreto to produce the Cementum collection.

From Viteo:

The new Cementum Collection marks a further systematic development in VITEO’s design vocabulary: here, the art of reducing furniture to its essentials is practised right down to the simplest of cubic shapes! This time around, light grey concrete components at ground level feature a lightweight construction and set a new tone in the design of outdoor areas.

Casamania’s 2009 Salone del Mobile Preview

Italian furniture manufacturer Casamania has sent us preview images of the new pieces they will formally introduce at the 2009 Salone del Mobile show in April. The new collection includes seating by Karim Rashid, StokkeAustad, and Luca Nichetto, coffee tables by GamplusFratesi, a cabinet by Wis Design, and modular shelves by Claudio Bellini.

The Morro Sofa by deQuinta

Brazilian designers Marcelo Damm, Rafael Roldão, Renato Mosci of deQuinta Design, with the help of Giuliano Mello, have created the Morro Sofa.

From deQuinta:

It all started with a mess. And it was beautiful. Living in Rio, a city surrounded by a bit of chaos here and there, favelas, and thinking that besides all that it works, we figured out that this mess was also functional. And how to incorporate it into a project, how to build upon it? Perhaps even more important, how to make it socially and ecologically relevant and also inspire some criticism? Bring the discussion to your home?

So here is Morro.

Morro is a slang for favela in Rio, something like a hill covered with houses built with whatever means they have. And this had to be translated to the project. Built out of foam waste from other traditional sofas, using cloth shreds as lining (with the help of a favela seamstress and craftwork co-operative) different colored and sized cubes are attached to a very simple recycled wood structure with the use of velcro.

The NYLO Hotel in Plano, Texas

The first location of the emerging NYLO hotel brand recently opened in Plano, Texas. The new hotel chain aims to offer a unique alternative for travelers who want a change from the traditional cookie-cutter mid-priced hotel experience. NYLO plans to have 50 hotels across North America by 2010. NYLO’s second hotel, in Warwick, Rhode Island, makes its debut in late summer, 2008. Others are slated to open in 2009 in the following markets: Irving, Texas; Denver/Boulder, Colorado; and Kansas City, Missouri.


Designer Alfredo Häberli created the interior for this Camper shoe store in Paris. Even though the space is small, he still managed to inject some delightful touches of design. We especially enjoy the shelving upon which the shoes are presented, be sure to notice the various rounded shapes that add some whimsical flair to the shopping experience.

Daylesford Organic

Daylesford Organic, a growing chain of organic food store/cafés in the UK. Their stores are filled with simple clean contemporary lines and soothing earth tones that are a perfect fit for their brand of organic living.

неделя, 22 март 2009 г.

The FEEK Oisterbar

The San Ranieri Hotel

Moët & Chandon Marquee by PTW Architects

The Sydney, Australia based PTW Architects designed this Marquee for the champagne producer Moët & Chandon that was used during the Melbourne Cup horse race.

From the architects:

PTW has used the latest digital technologies from concept to realisation of the design, to create a sparkling and surreal atmosphere in the name of the “bubble-ism”.

Through the use of daylight and a tensioned Lycra material that is digitally patterned and custom-tailored for the space, a 10 by 10 off-the-shelf marquee is transformed into a space that the press describes as an “avant-garde environment not of this earth”.

The Center Bar at Zurich Airport by Detail Design

Detail Design, a Swiss company that specializes in retail and restaurant design, created the Center Bar at the Zurich Airport. Custom production of the tables, bar chairs, and lounge armchairs was done by Girsberger.

Vertical Gardens by Michael Hellgren

Michael Hellgren is a landscape architect who specializes in creating vertical gardens such as the one in the photos below, located in the lobby of a new office building for the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in Södertälje, Sweden.

Visit Michael Hellgren’s website - here.

Some contemporary interior inspiration Mobileffe.

Some contemporary interior inspiration today from Italian furniture manufacturer Mobileffe.

Raffinati Store by Blazys Gérard

The design team of Alexandre Blazys and Benoit Gérard created the ultra-minimalist interior of the Raffinati store, located in Montreal, Canada’s Ogilvy building.

From Blazys Gérard:

The Raffinatti boutique took its conceptual inspiration from the folding and unfolding of the garment. First, a horizontal pliage holds the main garment area and its changing rooms. The second, a vertical intervention holds the second garment area as well as the service point of this high end shop.

The general impact is one of purity. A myriad of whites is used to climate different uses. In fact the serviced and principal circulation is in a glossy finish that allows for a reflection of the user. On the opposite side, the principal shopping area collects a more mat and architectural feel in order to soften the clothing of this line that caters to the female genre. The garments are suspended on sculptural and airy structures leaving the floor of this 600 square foot space empty of any clutter.

Interior Inspiration from Hülsta

German furniture manufacturer Hülsta have put out some photos of inspiring rooms which include their latest additions of furniture that will be available in 2009.

Nota Bene Restaurant by KPMB

KPMB Architects have designed Nota Bene, one of Toronto, Canada’s newest restaurants.

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