понеделник, 2 юни 2008 г.


Berlin-based Hackenbroich Architects just finished a hairdressing shop in Cologne.

The light installation has become a main spatial feature in the hairdressing shop in Cologne called Haarwerk. Seventy-five lamps emerge from a central point of the space and reach out into the room. The lights can be controlled and dimmed in five circles to allow a smooth transition of various illuminated conditions.

Here’s some information from the architects themselves:
“The overall organization of the store was challenged by the spatial limitation of the old factory building. To maintain a coherent spatial experience while accommodating all functional areas, we decided to extrude the enclosed functional areas from the back-wall.

The materials fluctuate between a refined and rough appearance. While the wallpaper has a subtle elegance the lamps have an industrial quality. The colours articulate the volumetric logic by continuing the dark grey of the floor or the ginger marking the sidewalls of the store. The lights, when partially dimmed, combine the white of the wallpaper, the ginger of the wall and the dark grey of the floor.”

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