понеделник, 30 юни 2008 г.

CELEBRITY LAMP made from aviator sunglasses

Who couldn’t use more shiny, sparkling, pointless things? This Celebrity Lamp may lack subtlety, but it makes up for it with countless opportunities to check yourself out. I imagine it would also do a fine job of scaring away birds, or signaling for help in an emergency. The shade is made of brand-new silver mirrored sunglasses, creating a glittering paparazzi effect that’s sure to forever immortalize your living room, bath, or any other place where a disco ball just won’t do.

When we laid eye upon this lamp at this year’s ICFF we were blinded, and then stunned, and then perturbed. All points of style aside, we were surprised to hear that the designer originally constructed the lamp out of upcycled old sunglasses. Sadly this admirable endeavor caved under the pressures of mass production and the lamp is now composed of entirely new materials, recasting it as a monument to consumer excess. It’s not the first time an icon has backslid into the pitfalls of celebrity!

Deeply Madly Living describes the lamp: “Inspired by the stars who rarely shun their shades in public, the Celebrity lamp has found a new use for aviator glasses, eyes and light switching their usual sides”. Unfortunately the lamps no longer take advantage of the “old use” for aviators; each lamp consumes 40 new pairs of sunglasses that will never see the light of day.

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