събота, 29 март 2008 г.

Jonas Samson

Free Style Blowmoulding
This project explores the field between craft and industry, which results in products combining the qualities of unique craftsmanship with the properties of industrial production; uniformity, fast production and low costs.

‘Freestyle Blowmoulding’ proves these qualities are not incompatible, but can be combined to form an aesthetic whole of balanced contrast.

By pressing air into PVC tubes and pre-form tubes (the half-product of which soda bottles are made), new product for domestic use are created.

The raw, industrial, materials are artistically formed into stylish products.

These products fill a new dimension between craft en industry. They are easily reproduced, but each’ shape will be unique. The shaping of the product is a partly controlled in production and is partly left to chance.

Year 2007
Material: PET & PVC
Size: various

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