събота, 15 март 2008 г.

Comic furniture

italian graphic artist guido crepax had sweeping influence over the european comic art community, and even though he passed away in 2003, his memory continues to be honored in the form of these fantastic furniture pieces. the collection features valentina, his most famous 1960’s heroine in a comic series, physically modeled after silent film star louise brooks.
the furniture collection is crafted from polished mdf and aluminum, and sealed with lacquer. although the pieces are linear and orderly, they’re more relaxed too, due to guido’s signature breezy, dreamy eroticism. he also tucked homages to his modern art contemporaries into his work, including rene magritte, man ray and roy lichtenstein.

Giuseppe Canevese
design year:
Ennezero, Italy
graphics printed on white polished MDF, sealed with lacquer
top and back in black lacquered MDF
lacquered aluminum feet

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